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Above was the Universe,
Then were the many stars,
Were then gathered round,
Too bright lest not found,
There was a lone star,
Travelled far across them,
Another star to shine with,
But none, no star to find,
Alas; was the star’s folly,
Rather shine alone than with,
Then the planets turned blank,
Then the echoes slowly dimmed,
A distant noise slow as whisper,
A breeze that soothes is gone.

By the darkened abyss were stars,
Where none but single unmade,
Is solely the cast that deeps within,
Walks through the space of void,
Inhales a vaccuum to null,
Exhales a life to the full,
Then the sun my fading star,
Then my favourite fire doused,
That my moon shall soon break,
That my boon of light shall tear,
Who sees the stars falling down,
Who sees the stone that descends
Is but shadow a heart at bay,
Then is decided what brought to lay.

Thus casts away all the other stars,
All day and night soon a stranger,
Amidst the time that renders black,
Is a space that seizes them whole,
Who the time that calls distant,
Who the stars turn against themselves,
And slowly fade away from sight,
And feigned by distant vessel above,
Is soon a lonely sight within,
But vanquished are they from us,
No time is spent but then revered,
All past that time perfects,
Is soon a star that weeps at bay,
A sole light that blinks slow,
Then slowly fades away to day.

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