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And I’m on the edge of the Earth,
And He sees me now where I think,
Then He looks yond the seas turning,
See how I walk with neither fear,
Where then I look away then away,
Sees the world tearing herself gone,
Sees the Sun that winks subtly,
And then I will look away from ye,
I’ll walk the darkened day as I do you,
Or we’ll sing the past echoes again,
Or we’ll whisper a name ne trembling,
Nor will we falter our path again,
I’ll heal and so will I heal, heal and heal,
God listens, knows I will from there walk,
I see my dearest love seeing me now,
She’s waiting beyond the land and sea,
There’s bandage she equips me I heal,
There’s a girl who’s watching over me,
Before God, there’s only love I seek,
I’m miles from a distant echo light sent,
And I’ve sought love long and how hard!
She but leagues away from my heart beating,
Then I am my wings clipped; my wings clipped,
I’d rather Ophelia than all the jewels,
Is sweeter than nectar (but more bitter than tea),
Regardless, I’m reuniting with my other half,
Regardless, I’m less the girl as I sing now,
I’ll become a woman another day
As the nightingale sings her to sleep.
And only God knows the way of love more.

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