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In the while I was living was near,
A subtle word spoken but not found,
Single steps taken but thus far gone,
But then it came to me in single sleep,
A figure ne in clouds nor by light,
Was There; was Here; Ephereal, Silent;
Do I not say His Name and not tremble?
And He knows all the pain I had went through,
And He hears all the words I never spoke,
That shall my erst clipped wings be made again,
That neither redbull nor coke can restore,
Walks through the several rooms world-laden,
Each and ev’ry eth’real metre thought,
Then His hopes and dreams me long sought,
Ne not His presence was my fear described,
He dances through, reappearing all round,
My head dazzled by neither logic nor spark,
How can I live a life so simple, free?

This I feared: my life in torment and woe;
Let go, he asked; for Happiness He plead,
With the weight my back can only allow,
With brows changing with smile and mood,
Much is my feelings that I am banished,
Who stared at me were all who only knew,
Who saw me stood in the midst of Paradise;
And God knows what I know now is so real,
And God knows what I think is to endure,
And whilst I gaze below the crystal floor,
Whilst the words echoed through the walls:
A black ant so small, so fragile, so small,
In the blackest of the night there he crawls,
In the blackest of the night was a corner,
Neath the darkest cloak more dark than black,
Was there He saw; He knows where the ant lies,
If not us, then our chamber is just that,
All round is us within the belly of the ant,
And up above was the Universe, the Stars;
I hear the galaxies calling my name to task,
I see the world’s birth again, again and so;
And ere I leave You shall I request leave,
For the world has need of me in this hour,
For I need the world this hour so I can live.

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