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I see within the dark a road,
Is but not a road,
A path that takes me hence from here,
Is but not in the slightest near,
I will fight to reach where I desire,
Take care yond of fire,
But it is not that I am sure to take,
For this was never fake,
But it is not that I am unable to take,
Who seeks which to take, but will you?
Shall I in fear be ought not to break,
Don’t you never brake.

Ne look back when you drive ahead,
Even whilst in tire for bed?
No tire runs faster than your heart,
He calls me so alack I dart,
And you shall walk the ship and rise,
Is but not in vain to size,
Follow my light it shall not ye blind,
But I am to love so blind,
We follow more our heart than eyes,
I fear even my heart dies,
It won’t, for I am and here to stay,
I shall see you within a day,
I shall see you love once again,
Is but small a step yet big a gain.