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A beating sun once rose but would hardly set,
Her time was sounding, the car could only sail,
This heart that marches through the way,
Never back but soon the two they were and back,
Whose heart he can never break and never sour,
Whose glowing eyes that reaped in tears a sea,
The slowing heart that beats the rest comes tide,
For within a fortnight as much a blooming flower,
This slow stem held heart by wreathes fragile,
That hue which we call love once foretold,
With every step to the gateway another bled,
For sighs alone can never conjure the broken weep,
Though silent but heavy a beat so echoes aloud,
How speedy the hours fall as much theirs grow,
Towards the sun tears their eyes had bled soon dry,
Homeward bound one of them soon departs another go,
They could not even eat, nor drink, nor vape;
Can a heart truly swell up to the soul of one?
Nor two, but infinite spaces had lay between them,
Nor they sat; lest their hearts in torture grew,
Last were the moments between them the world’s fall,
A smile so fake only the sun could only dispel,
Though they had come plenty together to know of it,
Was it not till their hands; a pair cold, a pair warm,
The shiver and heat that tempered their hearts wild,
Did presume their steps further along their hands in chains,
Now began the tide that swept them part from part,
As he walked alone for the first time in weeks since
Arriving to meet the love he found and endured for more,
Shall meet again, no words spoken; but silence arose,
Pointed again the plane he was to catch, all eyes rose,
A heart that suddenly beat, and she rushed to catch sight,
No more the hugs and kisses lest his plane be missed,
More the times be had an endearing future known,
Hurried down the fence where the terminals ended,
So a way was shown on light’s behalf a way was shown,
Was cast on her a sun resting onto the ocean bed for day,
Her heart clasped in silk that soaked her tears for morning brew,
Watched the plane that taxed through and defied the sun,
That plane where her lover was bound to know she watched,
Watches as the plane rises as much her heart was sinking,
With eyes that rose and followed her lover through sun and sea,
Beheld the figure that shrunk in woe as much her heart shrunk in woe,
For minutes watches more the plane that flies across the sea,
Would rather blind than turn away, so much her heart was blind indeed,
A cold wind that blew her tears away, though never her love return,
Sees the tail of that which flew away, no tale now for heart’s content,
And she kissed the air her man goodbye, was only the first and last goodbye,
She walked away but turned so sly, and now she sees her future ahead.