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Or was it a dream that never fought,
Or better yet this image she sought,
A beauty that cast herself into awe,
A longing for eyes transfixed she bore,
Glittered by single light phone emitted,
The girl in the mirror he fitted,
There was a girl walking away from here,
But my girl is not who she ought to fear,
Am not no monster that would break her,
Rather the destruction that bade me fair,
I’d rather walk round the mirror than through,
Would rather my love appear before I do,
A silent song in the midst of the night,
A soothing step that guides me right,
So fast a heart that beats silent to dust,
My angst in seeing myself in ways of lust,
There’s a girl who could not be for none;
Her echoes through the Earth were gone,
She was waiting amidst the fold in lieu,
Can only call her lover, myself, in view,
Still and quiet so pale and cold and stoned,
Was but light reflected as darkest showed,
Can only walk through the mirror she faces,
One that beheld us two in ways so, so base,
There was someone behind the mirror to call,
It took only a man to realise how far to fall.