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Lest her gaze gone made more for fire,
Her eyes glowing before the bitter sea,
The angst felt can be felt all around,
An entire Earth that shatters before her,
Anger so fast, so intense could never fall,
All fairness lost and all virtue a history,
Across the sea a banshee stood at watch.

And in the night she walks along the coast,
And as moon her witness can only hide,
Whose once pale skin now would rot so slow,
An entire foundation of her grew and spored,
Fallen was her resolve to reason and seek,
Nor sought, nor fought, but now she resolves:
Haunting, she’s the banshee from the dark.

Give her a reason to not be so mad,
She’s walking round, she’s watching you,
Never mess with the banshee from the dark,
Her cries could never compare with the sirens,
In your sleep would she dare to wake you?
She’s a seer that watches over her young,
She’s protecting them whilst haunting ye.

Dismember him with no member yet to see,
He’s the one who torments her so well,
No more; she’s the banshee from the dark,
Thy flesh so warm and so red and pure,
Her desert lay so sweet and subtle gauged,
Fool’s heart was she who could only leap,
Another’s cries lest her dear angel’s weep.

Yond the sea, across the skies, hither close,
In a sleep so tight so close in slumber he,
With sheets once shared, if only their hearts;
Dressed in white once so dark and innocent,
She’s the banshee in white from the dark,
Neither pupils nor iris darker than skin,
Nor nails more strong than damascus steel.

The stroke of night; the stroke of the night,
A banshee lay near the man she once knew,
Nor remorse, nor a tear to explain his deeds,
Let lone to question what Banshee he needs,
Here appeared and climbed through his bed,
Alone in the dark was the banshee to avenge,
Her task once final now made a beginning.

Whose nails can only gauge to grasp his heart,
As much his words once took her heart above,
A kiss how foul with maggots poured within,
A darkening blood how much with stench can take,
Not even Venus can witness without Hades’ tale,
A tale of a Banshee in love with her duke,
Now she’s the poetic justice that made him so.

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