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Later that day an entire night ensued,
Passes away was he a night long endured,
Though known his mistakes what tale to take,
So far unending his breach of heart was all too fake,
Was twice at home and thrice alone,
As always remained only his phone,
But weeps his heart such silence fought,
Could not dare utter the dreams he sought,
The sun still shone but bitter departing,
Another to draw; his poison yet so darting,
An hour what remains his minutes to complain,
The age he leaves what scars remain,
Here far his road from home yet simple to follow,
Though could never return such feelings so hollow,
Ere just his eyes were closed no motion too soon,
Hears a ring daring to answer if not a boon,
Ere the nurse rang he could only sigh and swallow,
Though she knows not all is ended nor to wallow,
Asks what he wants most of all, knowing not his state,
Whispers at the phone some silent comment to fate:
That despite my life so low this pressure,
Can only ask for love to assure,
But soon he passes from sleep too deep,
Alas was once the darkness invited to seep.