Home ยป Little feather

A field so subtle, so silent a new field,
Who wouldn’t pick and store in their room?
A little further, his heart was running,
Though could only walk so far before he stopped,
Every step was the stick that beats his drum,
A falling leg and so his soul stuck to view,
Sighs and gasps could not tear him apart,
A sound was falling into decay,
This feeling could not last so long,
Sought himself a better place than this,
How long could he stay in the place he sees?
A secret known but could never reveal,
This land never unlocks who he can truly be,
But home it is, a roof and bed all he needs,
Though if only a bird could carry him away,
Give him the largest eagle to wrap him tight,
Walks through an empty field blossomed in white,
As though snow had fallen, no winter peril,
A hot fall into bed cushioned by feathers,
He spots the birds flying above him,
A tear was never sooner more the sigh known,
Give him a feather, just one, to fly away,
Eclipse his vision with imbued truth and beauty,
Sink his legs into an ocean blank of white,
Breathe for him as he walks into the Earth,
For every memory he shall recall one anew,
Another flies away ere he recalls another,
Far away he was once who he was in name,
Thought himself the man he was no more,
Walks anyway, let the past be as be,
Just a while for one feather to fly away.