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Reel this heart that sinks so deep,
Alone was once this breathing heart,
Swimming in an ocean of wine in hue,
Go, and give him a reason to redeem,
Of all the men why would he choose?
Regardless, the connexion is nigh,
Alive and well, he’s swimming through,
There’s another man he bonds so dearly,
Another which can see so clearly,
A symptom of the past who cannot read,
Is time but so slow and precious to see?
Grabs his heart that shrinks so fair,
A long way, a long bore that saw him through,
Bore the long road that gestures him ago,
A letter that he wanted was simply wrought,
A gone sea that dries up in the tears of woe,
Wishing me a loving sigh, his cares so well,
Humans are social animals, this is so, so true,
No economist can reject this notion,
Who does? A hypocrite, a big one of that,
Every man around is connected in some way,
Every step away some man or woman known,
A friend or relative, all connected through space,
The cities intertwine, the countries unite,
The blood gushes through all of us,
Our souls transfer through works of art,
Nor less our heart so content to enjoy,
If ever he finds reason to betray,
Gives himself reason none to forgive,
Every human as brother and sister to mine,
His, only closer that I will always endear,
My fathers and forefathers are my idols,
Their fathers and their ancestors my kings,
My kings and sovereigns are my road to unity.