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Somehow in one way or another they landed,
Was but no question to ask lest they banded,
A soothing sound there was none on Earth,
Not even in during the first hour of birth,
A smell of roses that covered them both,
Drop of water through the planes is love,
The circumference of the two was nigh,
The area divided between the two was pi,
This figure so dark, so silent yearned to dance,
I will dance with her; I will reveal my stance,
There’s a slide that gives me leave to destroy,
She evades and seeks my resolve as a boy,
The ages pass and I am turned man from hell,
Cast me aside that the abyss shall be swell,
This space can never accommodate my dark soul,
Carry me away into the depths of a dark hole,
I’ll give myself to a dance just for a moment,
Just this once my love or lack shall foment,
Two paths to a man’s road where none are fine,
But I give myself in all honours for thine,
A skate here, a drop of water that is vapour,
A late fear, my blood drops too slow to pour,
For a while I rolled in your arms and caressed,
Can never say what chemicals I have depressed,
These chems can never feel me the way endears,
I will afford a single breath a hundred years,
My second shall sweep your way as I progress,
But my dear I am not after an answer, alas;
I was simply up here to tell you what I need,
Shall then listen to every word you pay me heed.