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Across the room there were no curtains, not even a door. There were no lights, no windows, no bed nor a chair. Within the room there was the world that produced the world she bears. Who stands before a mirror how numb she is. More the world outside the mirror was still and void; more the world outside the room was so dark and cold. Here before the mirror visions of pain and remorse seeped through the walls that no flower could never grow. A salty sea would wash her away into the essence of that so painful. To and fro the seas descend into the room and traverse her into the most painful – no light to light her past for all to see, only to feel.

This mirror ere bespoke still stands, however long the waves crash, however strong the winds will tear her away. She still lives, still to see her walking through the waves. Every memory passes through each wave and shifts through day and night, not that it would matter where she was; no one would hear her; no one would see her. These memories that come to life with each breath, that with each breath her scars return; however mortal she is, her memories will remain immortal.

Her heart of feathers soaked by tears can no longer fly; she’s almost drowned. At her last breath with either two choices: whilst she could to break the mirror that summons waves to crush her. No, she shall search deep within for the smallest pearl locked in oyster to illumine the thought that erupts a smile.

There, with a single name she utters undoes the waves that sap her into the core. She’ll free herself from the mirror’s gaze. She’ll dry her clothes again. It began with her and shall end with her world. Her entire room collapsed through the space that darkens the world; her Universe took her away into the farthest galaxy to distant planets unreachable by others. A single thought that once blackened her shall now blacken us all. It’s up to her. It’s up to her to lighten the day; for she leaves Earth with no scorn for thought to imagine the smallest tree that blows through the gaze and sets fall into the sea of what single drop evaporates into air that ascends through space when touched by light. As she walks through the stars she passes Saturn. She’ll pluck the planet from the darkness and blow its gases away towards our dearest Earth. Some call it global warming; you call it redemption.

Even when you return to the very room where it all happened, everyone can see how much you’ve changed. Years ago, who would from your past imagine the person you are now? Today, who would recognise you the past that made you thus? From then, anyone would respect how far you’ve travelled. You’ve gone through hard times and sought happiness in so many ways, but never defeated continued to live and still walked through a fogged path that no light could never disperse.

Through day and night, however painful your memories are you will walk through the night and triumph. You’ll dream through the day and know yourself better. You’ll look into the wide open space and see the path that makes you whole: believe me. I know you’ll look back at those memories you once had, you’ll loop through them and laugh at them, knowing how far you’ve come. I am so proud to have been your past. I am filled with pride to stand here. I continue to aspire your ways through old and new. Now look into the mirror I craft for you, see how it shines: just once. Stare at yourself for one reading. I’ll wipe those tears from you with my only hands and will shine a light to bestow the life you truly deserve. In your time, I’ll be waiting outside until you’re ready; for you have already proven yourself; for she has truly raised no flag to justify her heart.

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