Home ยป Her name’s a captain

There she walks but still she lay,
Subtle thought, small move what may,
Then thought it was just mere a dream,
Hence seen herself the boards these seem,
No wood, not even in morn, can it blow,
Whatever right you have, it is well low,
At last she conquers not her enemies, but all,
May it seem fair to say that she walks on all,
As she walks through the ship so she knows,
‘Las there’s a single cabin not she throws,
Within it is lay the captain’s bed and stead,
Soon she realised, then she knew, then she led,
At last was land fought and seas crushed anew,
But no better was her heart that rushed so new,
And then the waters rebound into fires unknown,
Once she awoke, hence she knew her life in fate renown.

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