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Rabbits sing through the lakes,
The signs are clear but none awake,
There’s a girl who’s still slamming,
My heart is wooden to that she damns,
Lock me in a room with god to judge,
But only I can stoop to nudge,
She wants roses to eat, thorns to scar,
She wants a knife to bleed, one too far,
Through a maze of veins ere they close,
She’ll mix a cup in time for daily dose,
Melt that pill with boiling tears,
I’ll help, despite all that you dare,
No girl, no; fighting chems won’t do,
Don’t run; I’m fighting too,
Look through this forest, see that tree?
I hereby declare this tree is by decree
One Prophet to replace god how true,
But you, you’re a Goddess. You, you;
Who could not after decades be won,
Then to say that we are truly one,
For nature our babes happily consume,
How could I ask patience to resume?
In the turning dark is but us left,
A single sigh was but prelude she wept,
No sense of time, nor person, nor thing,
More the sense of warm blood curdling,
Swims through us is half the world,
The other half simply never did fold,
At last she resolves myself among stars,
Then she walks through ice and darts,
Ere she slips I shall catch her move,
In the dark there was only two to soothe.

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