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Ever so much I be thankful,
Was but journey once travelled far,
Then to fall through the fog is nigh,
Then to preach rain in vision’s tyranny.
Sometime ago as was oft so said;
That decisions to be made are thus made,
Though hearkened writ the alliance of words
Ere threw no better, no worse than actions none,
To assure myself of sanity then must I repeat,
The simplest words I am, is sanity unchecked.
At some point he throws pen and paper to fire,
Mine earnest wish was never to have been fire,
Rarest are those with gut to break, light to blind;
I am the light that never shines lest it fade,
Behold the spheres of Mars, Jupiter, Neptune,
As easy there are ill complaints to none alack,
Though but drew the ancient logic to esteem,
He’ll march through flames an inferno ne not erase,
He’ll orbit the planets as much as he is converted,
To tell the same words that I gave only light,
So many years, even since the birth of Reason,
Before, is little not too bore; an hour is last,
Thus he uses this fine hour to make deeds a worth,
For before my light is drawn I am held in wait,
For no regards to now is but light of mine yet to bow.

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