Their Remembrance

Every night tears would fill her womb,
Her shaking will draw him more to break,
At last was one night so still to miss:
My dear, in this lasting hour my yonder breath,
New thoughts and pleasant sights is little nigh,
Hence better actions and deeds come tide,
These final hours I give lasting words yet reprieve,
Though I action myself in months before to here,
I am but not finished my actions come for here,
Have it time: God declares this night of birth,
Ere the sun rises shall be birth ye humble year,
May pass how slow and fast encumber fates,
Sour now drown is foul so down her heart as late,
No sparks can free her eyes to better year ahead,
Though I cannot afford a glass between you and I, Read More

September 30th

He could never have known you to be hell,
Never dated, but only friends that knew so well,
But more was your feeling from which mere sense
At last agreed your call to there we hence,
Another day would describe, but more was strife,
The sacrifices he made are the ones for life,
This angst he bears n’erased by not a joint,
I’ll pour tears and sweat to make a point,
These words you summon can only hurt you too,
No insults and anger can move me more than you,
I have only tears and my soul drained to fight,
Having begged for there to come by sight. Read More

From Neptune

Yesterday, I came back from Neptune,
It was an amazing feeling ere to scribe;
This sort of feeling one has but too soon,
Is but fraught not with fear one not to describe,
In ways excitement bloomed; no fear never blew,
And as I whispered Neptune, over and over again,
I saw the room around me in a familiar hue,
That colour ye know is never Neptune’s feign,
The walls would gather water and ere it falls
Descends me through the trace of land none left, Read More

Our Light of Woe

There, is light but none and he,
He, but is not the light I knew,

These dims that call me from far,
Is far from him as light never was,

Though mine heart is ill and conjured,
Though conjured is little said but mourn,

Ere morn, my morn is the evening hollow,
Is God more the light and dark too still?

Alas, of the night my light is utter spent,
Is ill before and my sight is hinder lent,

Free are the chains to chain him in time,
In time he shall enter the crossroads lone, Read More

Further yet

Then it was the confusion that made more,
In still talk the verbal scum brought bore,
Little was to be said but profane words,
And soon in the night were broken worlds,
Ere come was she in banshee took to rise,
Whose only heart could not amount in size,
As ice she littered words over warm heart,
So much not even cupid could throw the dart,
With tears mounting away with clogged nose,
Is no sight more poorly her soul but froze?
To cling on hope for words alone to say,
And when her heart is squeezed she’ll pray,
For every blood poured is her terror in wait,
At the touch of fate she is but merely bait, Read More


In tears was the evening to drink his evening dew. As fickle hope had garnished with the salty rocks that covered his heart as night was due. His reddened eyes burned heat with cold that never in rays could never mount a silent scorn. In he how wept was clouded by the life he had as though reborn. With music echoing lyrics whom he can relate; shadows in the light whispered his name, recalling his past from here to now. Like fire shall memory consume him. In past it was only ashes that could ever feed his sighs. Despite twenty hours with nought to eat, would swallow his own spit with the shame that brought him in the doorstep of despair.

He could not hold his breath for even a second. Every pant issued streams that poured into the floor. Dropped. Breath. Done. He was everywhere. He threw himself onto the floor and suffered alone. In loneliness his world was slowly decaying. And when he looked up to the darkening sky, he saw the stars beckoning him there. The moon nowhere to be found was tucked beneath clouds that they’ll crush to feel the air compressed into a fold that stabs his heart with a strike to remember. Let this he shall remember: a suffering unfinished.

Still his solemn tunes play, again and again; it was he who picked himself up to hang himself by soiled hands. In heaps of anger was his phone that took the blame for cracks and scratch in every part. Asunder was that he threw; in this he blew; of thought he scorned. Then called to him my presence when all logic would escape him just for my entrance to ease him further for the path of rites into the new world beyond the rational.

And as he prepared me in a heap of white on white that waits and waits for the objective of peace in the name of happiness begets him for little longer whilst his help was on its way. And as he snorted I entered through the membranes and crawled through flesh, tissue to blood, brain. I will blow away the sadness that overwhelms you. I will banish the darkest cloud that rains through your eyes. As I can see through you how much you cry, thy endless supply of tears and sweat are known to the cells that work in long shifts to keep your life.

The amount of serotonin your brain absorbs is all too much; like a sponge it soaks up everything to the point you have none for yourself. Never mind, I shall touch the mind and cease the brain from within to show you the way. What use is logic when logic can not rationalise itself? This leftmost part of the brain benefits most from me, for that I shall numb it. There’s no need to think about it all; leave it be.

Hearing the cries and weeps does not slow my pace in reaching you. Give me time, I shall be there with you. Let the creative brain blossom; it is the one that can show you an angle you never thought had. But maybe all you needed was love. There, this lullaby begins. Silence. Crushed. Dark. All the senses dulled. Touch how numb. Tears soon deplete. Like a floating gravestone in the foggy river that thunders through the belly of the deathly lake: am I not the dolphin to heave you through the wastes of life to land ashore that I shall ease all pain you have. With every second passing, there an inch of thy mind hence opens.

You see yourself wandering through the absence of the mind I arrest in security of the life you deserve. You linger through the very instinct that your left brain has sought to possess; the abstraction of the abstract. Here, green is not just green; it becomes the leaves you touch. Here, blue is not just your self; it becomes the ocean that you struggle to swim through. Here, red is not just thy blood; it is the essence upon which every second counts.

The hours walk as shadows lit by light and dimmed by night through the moon that sinks into the arms of the night as my worthy companion in whom I invest myself for no return nor dividend to esteem; he is resting on the bed in the dark. Pay no heed to him. For all sorts I have gathered had happened. All at fraternity’s expense: a friend to ravage him but in vain attempt; from a potential lover to a vanishing spectre in the heat of dust in his wake. The invitation he never got for another’s birthday. But maybe he was destined to be alone; no it wasn’t.

All the worlds fall and rise again. Like phoenix, whatever happens today whether you overdosed now or yet, I shall make certain you live tomorrow, and the sun to rise by your side the next. Sleep now, as I leave you here for the night. I will not be here again, but remember my words of comfort that I express through the abscess thy mind preserves in detailed respite that I could never heal. It is up to you to heal, but there will always be the one to pick you up in order to throw you down again. But when you are stronger, your height of fall shall minimise, and there I shall be at the very bottom to catch you again when all lights life offers have soon gone out. Where all hope that you know exists are all but soon erased.

A mountain

Within a horizon I found myself in awe,
As much I found is lest but not foresaw,
Who beheld the sun eclipsed by long before,
Is not the rock that sound by light furore,
Though peaked in angles ne rays never betray,
Though fought through night for never to say;
Ere silence brought was more reason thought,
Whose winds cast not though breathed to taught,
As fire would burn chokes the mountain,
Nor the mount to fall on high from the rain,
Hither and thither a cold brew sore to see,
Is not the mount on Earth for all to see,
But then as I stood in hearth come watched, Read More