Home ยป A mountain

Within a horizon I found myself in awe,
As much I found is lest but not foresaw,
Who beheld the sun eclipsed by long before,
Is not the rock that sound by light furore,
Though peaked in angles ne rays never betray,
Though fought through night for never to say;
Ere silence brought was more reason thought,
Whose winds cast not though breathed to taught,
As fire would burn chokes the mountain,
Nor the mount to fall on high from the rain,
Hither and thither a cold brew sore to see,
Is not the mount on Earth for all to see,
But then as I stood in hearth come watched,
Did not imagine how long was stood but touched,
Ridges and passes that form the face,
Having wind, fire, rain in that to face,
Though whatever happens at storm to sea,
Shall continue the next on Earth to be,
Is simple as, though fate do tell:
In ways how subtle, though jest to sell,
Bitter asunder though callous ways he fought,
Could not I in troubles sought be to ought,
Abides by book, rule and reason is all I have,
Though these to life are all but laugh,
Hence instinct I calm me my sound come now,
Is mused by senses though bitter I foul;
So night passes then days come rest,
As a mount I go is but life to test.