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Open the door, was all he asked.

In spite of all she was tasked,
Who could not believe her eyes,
Simply saw the way onward, onward,
Darker days were heaven in last sight,
Living magic soon encompassed her,
She stoked her heart with lightning,
Along the road of night, she saw;
Small thoughts cast bigger words,
Darkness an antidote – her survival,
Through the diamond stairs she flows,
She races through an endless maze ere kept,
Along the path was she in heart is swept,
Elite no faster but is hers misfelt,
Gestures through the words disdain,
A cloud of clouds soon amazed comes through,
I can sleep through the day and night,
My life in earnest was slow but fought,
And whilst she climbs the diamond stairs
I shall watch close mine arms come rest,
She won’t listen for she is miles above,
For she could not look down lest afraid,
Though, if she would, she would not see.

Oh, how he asked you to traverse them,
For no greater is magic but stairs divine,
Leave god alone, he doesn’t like you!
I’ll blast a few fires just to please,
Then I’ll blow another in order to sail,
Our stairs are diamonds crushed to fall,
Lo, this maze that relishes in thy heart,
Let me tickle here and there and weep,
Why does he watch you from below, dear?
Look my dear, the stairs are turning,
These diamond stairs how shiny, how beau,
Beautiful is you, but these stairs unclean,
Give me mud to clean the Earth with poison,
Then GOD, who shall say; cast thee living,
No amount of bleach can clean the dirt,
But no other way but, go slam sulphur!
Kisses with love shall sink thine heart,
Then the heart will float through stairs,
There, thine eyes fall through the stairs,
Now he can see, for thine eyes are his!

For I shall see the steps of all but blind,
How blinded; am I not human or am I tried?
Rushes through molten diamond is she,
Diamonds sink her through one well to another,
Even Alice peeped through bigger holes than this,
Stares through the hearts of men and finds,
How dare she snort diamonds whilst I live!
Hello god, and I am not the experiment;
Do not tear from me, my dearest one;
How lone can one be when one is dark,
With two, there’s a universe reborn,
I ought to be the atom to split with ye,
But I can only bow before the split eyes,
Who would know these stairs are my death,
The diamonds blush my cheeks erst they fade,
Now, we know why the diamonds are real.

He grabbed me from the dark as I walked,
Then he opened the door and kissed my neck,
As I fell upon the stairs I coughed my heart,
Beheld the figure of life that stood,
I told him I would have loved him, but no;
Even if we were two for match, there’s none!
Nor did I ask for diamonds, nor sulphur;
I asked for his hand so we can climb as one,
Instead, I found myself holding him done,
And as he cried my name and begged me here,
I found both god and satan scathing me,
For that I shall continue, I shall live;
The diamonds shall fall and I shall live,
Release me from the magic, the magic;
The swan intends to fly from this river,
Now I am whole, as I am holding him here.

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