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Yesterday, I came back from Neptune,
It was an amazing feeling ere to scribe;
This sort of feeling one has but too soon,
Is but fraught not with fear one not to describe,
In ways excitement bloomed; no fear never blew,
And as I whispered Neptune, over and over again,
I saw the room around me in a familiar hue,
That colour ye know is never Neptune’s feign,
The walls would gather water and ere it falls
Descends me through the trace of land none left,
Our eyes remained open, my breath hardly no tolls,
In the wide expanse of the deepest blue bereft,
Within the sound of silence were storms never gone,
Like a ship that treads is but roams under water,
Whence how high was low and soon his travels done,
As a dainty glow in surface found he does not falter,
Pulls him through, whispers out, is but near afloat,
Where storms aloud how simple a sound but durst knew,
In sights foretold his heart was filled as moat,
The covers of water spilled and all was clear as beau.