Home ยป September 30th

He could never have known you to be hell,
Never dated, but only friends that knew so well,
But more was your feeling from which mere sense
At last agreed your call to there we hence,
Another day would describe, but more was strife,
The sacrifices he made are the ones for life,
This angst he bears n’erased by not a joint,
I’ll pour tears and sweat to make a point,
These words you summon can only hurt you too,
No insults and anger can move me more than you,
I have only tears and my soul drained to fight,
Having begged for there to come by sight.

For a moment, all of life simply became nothing,
As though the strangest of strangers patted woe,
Tears would pour and my heart would beat to fall,
So much that night the rain poured me a dainty poor,
Through every second noises heard grew far too few,
Through every sound was sight so blurred ne humble to hew,
That anger with heart so wild a storm be shaking him,
Then suddenly descends to sorrow too long too grim,
And he’ll still be living to write feelings to history,
When he asked by simple measure only this man to see,
Then did not expect from whence onwards he ought flee.

Walked were we through chains amiss,
In light from far distant dismayed,
Alas, was a font more fooled to this,
Indeed, my lady was but poison feigned,
Having lived here more than yours a day,
Then knows by line and street your guide,
Yet insults linger in bitter tongue to say,
Hiss at me for longer my early hour to bide,
Ere hide behind innocence and false tears
Shall plan ahead for more your heathen ways,
Cast mine heart into dark and presume fears,
Be anxious then; crawling away in rain and prays,
Was it not your idea we come here despite all?
Whose idea was it that you decide to break?
And when you cry for loneliness, here you fall,
Though I shall continue without ye to forsake.

And thus you forsake: all friends and family here,
Having chosen months before thy love was not thine,
There chose the latter, at expense of those you dear,
Having not brought you here at no expense to mine,
Would then ye tear from all opportunities to arrest,
In little hope you vanish and no marked point return,
Even where you left your I.D. and keys at rest,
To the path how lonely and ought despair to yearn,
No calls nor texts would bring you back for hope,
As all hope erased was a girl once known detained,
Blind and ere besought her cast soul fell to dope,
Though memories held are happiness once retained,
Esteem, my dear; no light can enter but cold refused,
Recess is nigh that rain shall pour and dark still hide,
Is fickle hope that train you catch this spark defused,
So once I return back before this great night has died,
A lasting memory once had was but illusion contrived.

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