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Some wheres then shall he find himself away,
In the same way that the moon falls in shadow,
In the same vein the light shall pass through,
The same line that once he took was bitter known,
To kneel before the glimpse of dark is taught,
Alas were not his road to take but ill before,
Thus the tears of old shall in life bring anew,
In the man’s secret heart who knows well his pain,
And in the dark but does not seek ne not show,
Sat behind the facade of life in between he and self,
This shadow in dark but a shame of past swept forth,
But there is no control, alas little for man to seek;
The paths he took are the ones he ought to know,
To look left and right, then forward and back, was fate,
A subtle power how strong like wind shall bring him here,
Would he then grow simply because he wanted to?
Nay, for it was not his choice whether shall he grow or not,
For time is but the change’s only friend in constant speed,
To look back at all was lost ere all for more is gained,
In deep thought his eyes dimmed to dark and bent to light,
To his world in thought would yond be sown himself become,
At last he walks through tougher days ere that he is.