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Somehow but if it were so can be said,
Simply put my balance held high air borne,
A risk I took and was better then was laid,
For what breeze I took was what worse I hold,
Ere morn is part mine hour is destined born,
A light was clear but then the moments soon fade,
Whose glimmer of hope stood in the feats of shade,
A dower to resolve is muster courage ne resolve,
He ought to walk alone and in the midst he stood,
He knew then what more he is than what less is I,
If he and I are best in wait and knew he my shadow,
Who could feign an utter memory: a lark in darkness,
Held again by the branches from which was trapped,
Sudden fear of loss came mount again in early state,
And indeed, was not that fear lost in better ways,
But ought not he in the dark was I brought in rest,
Nor mirrors and glass can ne cut wounded wounds,
Or in the hailing of the Earth in wait how profound
A callous mind in search of fight in vain,
And I would my self in cast shadow glimpse in vain,
Yonder breathe but darkness sings hope in bane,
For a bitter while I in all around am lost to sea,
How biting are the sorrows that come ere to heal,
Is then a step so easy yet so hard to feel towards?
To tell me now who he once knew not what ought feel,
And declare me an exile from all feelings yet to pass,
I shall mine emotions a stranger come to restrain,
Resolve so known but is an oyster’s shell to open,
Berated with heated mind no warming better than so,
Nor ice to cool away the rage that stokes the hate,
An instinct how virile yet poison is ought my fate,
Would then to lose all and none for pride as gone,
Thus my refuge lies deep in the storms of Neptune,
Only to gasp anew the life that begins with him,
Then close mine eyes, in the largest expanse afloat,
Towards the core of that place where I am alone,
In my last breath I shall leave him there behind,
Parts myself an hour lost this shadow cumber here;
Regains itself as dark no light be touched unites,
Is burrowed in hope and sealed in arms of weight,
Fallowed but sound ye strokes made mine erst attempt,
Here swims I – upwards my pride to hurl me forth,
Ne not know what pride it is lest lost sinks me down,
For leap through the antic worlds along the bumpy path,
Hinder thought was I himself as he bodes well kindred bay,
To no land I would see to wash ashore but continues,
How not I shall freeze nor never I die ne never I sank,
But what tears of mine to disgrace in Neptune’s grace?
These salty waters: an ester my darling feud at stake,
Looks round the darkest depths afar no land inviting,
Looks through the dimmest star how low ought to be,
Held by single thought was I who woke in hearth again.

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