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Hail the horizon calling you near,
See the light kneel before the hills,
Let thine eyes beam with tears descend,
Muse thy hand in sunken motion deep,
Count not the days that pass you by;
Let the days count the being you are,
Peer deep into the open road for walk;
A gut you keep is but miles you leap,
And more you leap with every dip pass,
These very first steps the path awaits,
Alight from here this road never moves,
Dampen these spirits ere lest you scorn,
These spirits that sex in lieu return
All the pleasures received ere giv’n,
For whom he speaks is but order finest,
So lest it sinks but heart in locks but
Wholly found is but solely lost to dine;
So relish this moment as swift she passes,
Whence Fate shall in You keep and retire,
Hence Fate shall keep you honed & fraught,
See mine air, gaze through life and retire,
Bestow: live life and remain whom honoured.

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