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Beneath the ethereal sky her eyes met,
Under cluster of stars her so eyes wet,
From when times of old should never bear,
But held him high from ground with hands so bare;
For his legs would fall under bitter crease,
His arms so stretched to ground with length increase,
So that the Earth shall root her feet in touch,
So that the water shall ripple for such
A beauty no jaw could never deceive,
Nor his head held high as much to perceive,
His nipples shall be one with bosom known,
The wind shall part the Earth in better throne,
Or ere in the midst of thought both ne clothed,
Nor water trickling down all parts be loathed,
Apart from foe nor cold connexion shown,
Becomes the woman from high her mind is grown,
Shall use orgasm for new conscious raise,
Become better transformed in better praise,
Whilst every strain in every inch does fade,
Thus frees her mind from confines once she laid,
And let thine errors become vict’ries fought,
And let bitter days give man choice besought,
This man hung from fairer eyes glared afar,
Then felt the stars coursing in holy awe.

Use an orgasm to reach a higher state of consciousness and change who you are for the better.