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We lose meagre blood ill got
So that stronger blood fills us more,

We cry our pains away
So that we keep only our pleasures,

We sleep in the utter darkness sound
So that we awaken in better light,

We are too sober to be sober
Since the jailed mind is breaking out,

We are diamonds born with rough edges
So that we ourselves can polish,

With each diamond comes new shapes, sizes
Which a tiffany wouldn’t be valued without,

Ere we find peace in ourselves
Shall we find no peace in others,

In the absence of love in us
Shall we bite and scorn in love,

From the depths of your sealed heart
Shall silken thread unwind the cocoon,

Though gravity keeps your feet aground,
Has it succeeded in grounding your heart?

Fly with every slam, snort, smoke, drink,
What do you really gain without it?

Take heed of your false sobriety:
Was God sober when he brought you here?

A sober God is not a God,
Else no mesh as our Universe folds,

From room to town to sky to stars,
Do you not see the bigger picture?

Look up at a night sky, observe the stars:
Are the stars changing one other?

Whether Earth were here or not,
Does that change the Sun’s light?

Every hour passes whilst a second fades,
For every great hour is a greater second.

To view all but thine as sophistry
Casts thine existence into sophistry.

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