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Oft she took to greener sake,
No less she shook heart to break,
As the ashes of love come true,
So too shall tulips glow in hue.
These lesser days drag forth grass,
No more would she smoke so crass,
Her eyes once looked for the boy,
Though now her tastes grew so cloy,
So much her heart much so swelled,

Held barks of trees so, so felled,
Though horizon’s deep gives ye cloud,
Thy soother of darkest cloud,
Here I am, whose sight I guide,
Let my thorns guide you to better
Roses, ye soul ere yond appear,
That all this you weep shall pass
A distant memory for resting pass,
Hear the names of those ye love,
Leave behind dark closets, love;
Now you shall walk on and live
Ere the sun’s final reprieve.