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Broke by the torn pond comes afar,
Withstood by the smallest leaf grown,
Signs the initials of love despair,
With weeping heart for more to flood,
A heart now fermented in tears born,
Who bore the veins that hang below,
How do we ever walk across to find?
Beneath the eyes, neath the realm:
Beheld the first glimpse of it all,
What reasons had to be born thus,
If life were mere lego as easy,
For every second becomes a single cube,
And in that single cube becomes a star,
And out of the stars the eyes glowed,
For within the eyes of whether blind,
Had constructed the world they are,
For every star has a history,
As it whispers its lasting words,
So too shall its essence fuse with you,
And as you feel the essence become you
Let thy tears become pearls of joy
So that when bitterness meets here,
Let them dissolve in silent resolve,
For slow is short but neutral gained,
Ere the sun sets, ere the moon’s fall,
In this still time comes still awake,
That when it all ends, it shall begin here,
That it shall be here where it all begins.

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