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Nor did he not sing from whence he were.
Nor did he climb so high to fall so well.
Nor did he walk through hills and cried.
Nor did he sign his heart to greater foe.
Nor did he look towards the Sun in awe.
Nor did he breathe the evening air so smooth.
Nor did he take himself to still and utter light.
Nor did he not pain himself to greater pleasure.
Nor did he write his purpose etched on heart.
Nor did he seal his bonds to the stars at night.
Nor did he say never shall he try again.


For his mind read aloud his second becoming.
For his becoming was not of land nor sea.
For the land, for the sea, was one with Earth.
For the Earth was but simply the Earth.
For the Earth was one with Mercury, Venus, Mars.
For his scope of mind came sea of thought in black.
For so shrouded in mystery was sung in silence.
For so long Jupiter wrung through dark, boldest mind.
For so long did he pass Saturn’s splendour.
For his own existence became one with It all.
Through Neptune is serene and stormy water bade.
Through Uranus come the essence in exiled far.
Through each breath came the breathless star.
Through each star came the unison comprised.
Through each unity ere Sun, ere Galaxy brought.


Thus his hours become his seconds known,
Thus his seconds become his mind greater honed,
Thus his mind for a second spilt through all,
Thus his eyes drew curtains before the stars,
Then stood and observed the wonder that be.