Footing Recovered

I was with a friend towards the metro,
Everyone was busy. It was a crazy strife.
Sounds heard were then sounds retro.
Everything was a blur. Including life.

Not far from the platform I saw a man.
He walked. He slumped. He tripped. He fell.
For shock I would go, but for him I ran.
In such a state he was. No words could tell.

I still hear his panting. I echo them now.
His eyes full of glare and ever more tired,
This grief was more than reason could allow,
And there I was knelt beside thus enquired: Read More

A Guy named James

In a sea of words is there no greater storm than deception. The art of making is for fertile cause; to imbue words so more words grow aloud. The pacemaker of a sentence is the sum of all words plus the thought and feel made to cause it. James thought this once, he thought “how could I, a human lost, so lost I could not hear myself but dare find the words to tell myself how I feel?” This much he thought, and he drank and smoked weed to all the kings glory. This glory raised. This glory lost. A caterpillar could do better. I saw him last week. He was a bit frail, but oh well; it seemed he wanted to be alone. I thought he was just intimate with his shadow. A kind shadow, who wanted to become more than just a shadow. Indeed, the butterfly always existed with that caterpillar; it just hasn’t morphed into one yet. Conversely, a man is just two parts of one soul. One soul believes in God; the other is the God himself. Read More


Cards of higher desk found,
Little boy displace this one,
Watch as the cards fall away,
See the desk vanish to air,
Burn before thine eyes away,
The cards still fall, and fall,
Nor shuffle these cards so well,
Nor carry these cards and dare,
Before ye, the ground collapses,
The drop of dark water destroys,
The ground is now eternal hole,
In this room, in this night, Read More

Distractions Lost

And they engaged in themselves to another,
In the slightest per chance is lost,
In the realm of the mind to cease,
Came not the mind, but pleasantry,
And in their prison of pleasure wretched
Became the animal they once knew human,
And in the human they were, came none,
And of the nothing came utter bliss,
Once known were histories of love,
Now love becomes the MDMA of life,
In this, they walk with seeking rife,
And sounded their horns for new causes,
As shaken the roots in purpose forgotten, Read More

Light’s Escape

But light escaping
Nor is she cheating;
Footsteps long before
Ere looked, ere looked for
The shores so distant
Now left are nascent,
Woe more for more allowed,
These waves tremble loud,
Cool thine head so fair,
Hide within thy lair
And never, n’er shine,
Let all dark grow divine.
In spite of this day,
Shall beckon your ray,
Again shall it peer through,
Ere love in dark is through.


Like the shade,
Along the bay,
Too cold to bleed,
Too long to read,
Now he’s gone,
Now she’s done,
Now he’s back,
Now she’s alive.

Our Nearest Hour

Punting through the lake neath a memory vacant for some time, then she said it was just a memory, one so lost it could never remain. The years that grow became more this mind more eroded. Through each wave of water to seize the rock that buried itself under the sun and moon thus came little to smaller view in the tiniest element under the mountain.

Then she taught herself the beginning of a swim from one lake to the other, only she had to walk through day and night. Let dawn and dusk be the temperance of good thought, and the worst of it all shall be swept away with all cares aloud in the honest companion of her love and dearest thought to those in kind.

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Pluto, from whom I am sought;
Ere sought is whom he casts aside,
Oh, dark, dark, dark; dark is ye,
Oh, no; no; no; I am light’s least,
Pluto, come near to Earth and here,
For I cannot, I am Voyager’s mile,
In whom neither methane nor ice
Can sing in me the Pluto that I am,
The depressed, the lowest, the knowest, Read More


I am a ghost, I’m no longer living,
I see the suffering, and the lives,
I see the world as the chasm,
I hear the cries from distant minds,
I see the ghosts that attempt the change,
I linger in the dark in search of life,
I wander through the light as a being;
No one will notice. No one will stop.
No one will talk. No one will listen.
I am the spectre of living stars and blights,
I am the moon, the sun, the Earth, the dark,
I am neither God, nor the Stars, nor Jupiter, Read More