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City, no distant land, no bitter waste,
Who knew from soil come road and concrete,
The sketch of a flaw ere attempted grace,
The searching souls in grace their flaws,
Who would look right nor left nor away,
To observe all and fluster in loss, loss;
But here we are, in this hour, in this space,
Half his life was complete,
Half his life shall rise again.
Yond, the seeing shard pierce fog and hearts,
Did gaze below the road in utter absence known,
The gust of changing wind in time so spent
Threw into the foray a cocktail of thought,
Threw into him the very darkness dawned,
Thrown into him was little thought lest he said,
Thrown into him was no change though less he said,
Ne ere the air in lair for where his heart he said
Still gave room for a drop of love in life he said,
No more the nights he would in members to come,
In vanquished words his simple fire loom erased,
More to wonder and appear gentle but doom is raised,
Ere much he saw in mirror of self in puddle,
As he walks through the city beneath the light.

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