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I am a ghost, I’m no longer living,
I see the suffering, and the lives,
I see the world as the chasm,
I hear the cries from distant minds,
I see the ghosts that attempt the change,
I linger in the dark in search of life,
I wander through the light as a being;
No one will notice. No one will stop.
No one will talk. No one will listen.
I am the spectre of living stars and blights,
I am the moon, the sun, the Earth, the dark,
I am neither God, nor the Stars, nor Jupiter,
Nor Pluto, nor the sand, nor rock, nor sea.
I am the perfect chord that makes you whole,
I am the lyrical breeze that charms you here,
I am the soul that wanders through Church and Mosque,
I am the unsung hero that looks for safety more,
Nor soldier, nor warrior, nor agent, nor terrorist,
I am not from here; nor from there; nor from whereabouts,
I am gone. I am done. I am sung. I am done. I am gone.
In the city I am somewhere. Within you, I am there.
Thus, my grave shall sing not of my joy and sorrow,
Thus, I walk through life as it not so ware mine eyes,
Here belong, my entity resolve: here be, the Ghost that may.