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Cards of higher desk found,
Little boy displace this one,
Watch as the cards fall away,
See the desk vanish to air,
Burn before thine eyes away,
The cards still fall, and fall,
Nor shuffle these cards so well,
Nor carry these cards and dare,
Before ye, the ground collapses,
The drop of dark water destroys,
The ground is now eternal hole,
In this room, in this night,
The cards still fall, and they fall,
Above ye and so the world is dark,
Below ye, and the abyss ye carry,
Within ye, and the cards still fall,
The cards still fall, they fall,
Floating through air and dark to fall,
The falling poor are but cards shaped,
With each mile came a smothered air,
With each mile your holy ground shrinks,
As much as ye to look so far below,
Beheld the souls of many in dire need,
The card of king calls you nearer,
Thy queen to cast thee away,
You, now knave are yet so brave,
Cast away, the cards ye trouble fall.