Home ยป On Approach

They approached me and wanted to know,
But whether ignoring or not, it was no,
Nights will pass and all hope would fade,
To ask myself why I could not have bade,
In still and silence mourn passing time,
This soothing night of mine was time,
How then I turned from sweetest to bitter,
My words rampaged before them like litter,
And they would move away; the brave fellow
Who could not forgive dampened hearts so mellow,
Had suddenly washed away this turning light,
My faults as now for paralysis sought tonight,
Now come lost chance in excess greater life,
Ere weeped in closest sheets this hourly strife.
The next day I sought a turn in page for chance,
How now I shall befriend if not past this dance,
That my words would jump and crawl beneath,
To leap for closer heart that ushers a wreath
Of holy olives. No, for no was their answer;
For when I approached them again much faster,
Their silent words mocked my mind in ill health;
They didn’t want to know more than I did myself.

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