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Yond. The heart that meets the bay,
Long had they walked in spite of fear,
In bliss they sang and hopes ere rang,
The ears rung through sounds and hope,
Their lives relished the taste of Earth
For which no sea could never wash away,
And there stood this sight of great joy
Who knew which pill they ought to take.
Bitter nor sweet, nor salt and gruel
Could fuel the motion on mountain cliff,
For within this group one had heart to go
Beyond their group’s measure before the Sun.
As She descended into the oceans part, her
Giving rays grew colder with late of night,
In agony the waves would rush ere forward.
Though beautiful was the sight once held,
Though new was the night this day’s at end,
Wretched sky of orange and blue adorned,
Like colours that swam through youthful eyes
Did tear from skin this paralysed glow,
That his eyes shall watch the contest show,
Whence it still in glass bore wept in tears,
Could only aspire the wonder that esteems,
For moments pass no breath could ever lose,
And in his first breath came back again.

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