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I am for one so spent in time,
Drew sunken cheeps in bitter rhyme,
Had I not been in past so fitter,
Nor never my lone state come bitter,
Then sat was I in lonely rock unmade,
Sang laments of lone stars to fade,
Then in light’s demise for words bade
Mine hourly depart from sun to hence,
Small my word casts from there whence
Grief conjures me a man to do worse
For simple tale upon my dreary hearse,
For I am distant past in little waste,
Speak more these shadows silent as late
Did grab my soul from dark ere dark place
Plucked strings my heart can ne replace,
Escaped from me is my soul to dark away,
Walks slow at foggy lakes amidst at bay,
The hour is come I shall join myself there,
The pity of life is mine that I am sir,
Lament me here, muses, my life destroy,
More puppets I am but stringed they toy,
These strings my back hangs on God to rub
Can never replace my sorrow with new sob,
I am but stranger in dark but litter grew,
So my years walk me by and in tears they grew.

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