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Though his past had come too soon:
These walls once he knew grew with time,
The lamp shades cast a mirror of doubt so few
And never did his clock once stop to watch.
The night mingled in fear and in angst,
Music and respite mingled his thoughts too late
Where enemies long past soon took up arms against,
And with haste had his ego with thought intense,
Could sooner have destroyed him without future regained;
This man art I spell his name once for love and hate,
I cannot for the life of me come to you so late,
That I shall bestow Freedom for all who art return,
With none guaranteed to this world return, so use
All times aware lest aware is your time illy spent,
Though ere you wander for purpose you seek, let it
Be known that all purpose once you sought solely seeks
Within. But cast mine awe, but cast mine aura about ye,
Though penance in mine cannot but heart to take,
I shall steal a breath from love if not much to take,
That you may at will roam the joys and ploys of state
How better, how worse for more pieces your puzzle complete,
Now go with valiance and do not return until you are whole.