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In utter disgust she could only tell,
This mirror her weapon lest she fell
Soon whispered the light in meagre rays,
Nor could she see herself in another way,
The damage was done. All the shards flew.
Her object of worth this glass she threw;
Ere the mirror froze so soon it cracked,
And the glass well struck soon came back
In quiet tones of sound no ear forget,
Lest thrown from room to room to set
Her heart in agony yet still in love,
All the oxytocin and endorphins above
Her waist soon bled in veins to pierce,
She, whose breath so faint, could not gape,
These cheeks of hers flushed down to nape,
In lingering thoughts, like water flowing,
So easy just to let go, yet so hollowing.
She ought to walk silently in the dark
In loneliest haven seek refuge in bitter bark,
By the willows whose body can take pain away,
By the oaks whose leaves can keep her at bay,
So the fields greying to poison eyes in awe
Now casts away till all the stars she saw
Had always guided her walk to righteous trust
Well departed from once painful joys to dust.