False Righteous

She swore to life for virtuous gain,
Even to mean all her joy ought be slain,
As task she held standards unmatched,
So uses them now for new treks unscathed;
As a child she was once as any other,
Though hardships then had come to bother
A once childish spirit for play disrupt,
Nor sooner she resigned to Virtue abrupt,
Then once she saw another as child once known,
She at once talks of hard play at life be thrown,
Not that she got none in life, but merely sought
In love for one she herself a fish so caught,
Hither and thither she untangles ink from page,
Reading of philosophy and science from a cage,
Dreams of freedom and abundance in Eden place,
Yet could not resolve herself in this time of place,
She eats wholesome; she drinks by the whole,
And so she brands those who can’t be up her hole,
And so she condescends those who can’t live hers,
Thus, she is alone; and so all to her is at errs,
This is the life of righteousness she wants to lead,
But in all her glory, she has never learned to seed.


Let all in sight succumb at bay,
Whom no air can wrest this day,
Hearts be wrung in strings of gold
Nor tighter than belts y’soul to hold,
Nor looser than fabric start to bend,
Ere lingering dread is but foe to fend,
And the weeks soon fall on day, night,
And years whistle with truth too right,
Who knew all along what action take,
But could not think which step to fake,
So sat are the ones who dream too big,
So forget Adam and Eve their taste of fig,
On whose glory came God’s demise,
On whose exile came more to rise,
Yet what they feared is what they sought,
If it could not have been, then it was nought,
They did it well and so others shall sway,
If one can fight back, more shall lead the way.

Moving Faster

For it was not the leaves who asked faster,
No. They joked with time in little passing,
Did I ask for my life to be taken away?
Should I give myself to time for better life?
Let God decide where my road falls short to fall,
So never find me weeping in a mess to know,
The art is gastric so my stomach shall implode to sink,
The mink I wore is now simple and plain. As am I.
>Now I see my clones walking around, dancing like bots;
Now, they’re the real me. I am a shade of code to compile,
If not my soul, then least my logic shall least decompile,
Nor never have I sung the words divine, in heavens soon
So divine. But I lack the love to hurt me more to live,
For I never sought the one to challenge me lest I the same,
Now give me grief I had no adventure to survive,
If I were dead now, I will be awoken now to danger revive.

Open Air

Her mothers and foremothers for protection sought,
Ere sought,
She is but sought protect and indeed is cared for,
Alas, is cared,
The greatest asset of hers the abject of welfare,
In God’s will-
May shant never her Mary give leave for Virtue,
Alas, my dear,
Alas, my dear I am but bird in cage for strife,
Though I’m faint,
Since I’m hinder took, so give me Reason here,
To breathe hot air,
Perhaps I am but prepared for coals of fire,
Fear practice hire;
For practised air is but freedom’s domain,
Yet is not mine so wane?
Perchance I am but prisoned in virtue divine,
For open air over wine,
Echoes through night are cries I here whisper,
Forsake me now, my fair-
Nay, for open air I need to know how I breathe,
Pity me, and leave;
Now I’ve left, and now I shall never return,
This much I turn,
Rather I be the poorest beggar in freer land,
In land so grand
Becomes the sand I crave that touches the sea,
In whom hence I can never falter to see.

False Insanity

But I am not insane, if not so,
The art I am, if it be not so low,
The angels speak as much I am,
The gift they offer in as much a gram,
All my cares and worries slowly gone,
In a single instant my demon whom I don
Shall bequeath me honour this respite
Which despite my urge to put up fight
For greater honour than my parallel;
It is indeed a folly that I am not at level
To force my mind in the common masses,
Lest I too become as common as asses.
Most of the time I pretend to be sober;
It is thrilling; beautiful; if not a coma,
I am sought, and I am caught to see,
Lest if I talk I am but nought to be,
Then grief me here, my solemn grave,
It is I who can only be so proud deprave;
Mine eyes cast a seductive look beheld,
And I will inject insanity through assailed
Creases of fine skin and blood interwoven,
Then I myself am saint for Satan, his coven
In wrought despair might I’ve thunk more
The hours I pass soon cherish seconds sore
Whom nourish sunken tears in bloodied wipe,
When all humanity swept becomes my ripe.

Different Shades of Man – I

Thought he ought be made calculable,
Though more he thought made culpable,
Did bear witness his instincts so cruel in cage,
No less he saw himself his past is writ to page,
For he cannot see past himself the man he ought,
As it was always the animal he better sought,
So leapt from birth with tears of agony and despair,
He could not surmise first his straitjacket to repair;
Donned since birth and so carry to his death,
Not in silk, not in wool; nor blood nor breath,
But it shall be his skin, tis only one to show renew,
And so he makes reason for suffering in shadow’s hue,
To bite the tips of skin from finger and thumb to pass,
If not his art shall then seek needle in skin trespass;
If it is not in ink, then it ought be substance to crave,
So walks in, ready for a mane joked be bought deprave,
Now he’s a new man in black and white: no single lie
For bigger times ahead and then his instincts deny,
So too he comes at large once more he swears divine,
So he makes mask for himself and swears all to wine.

Different Shades of Man – Prologue

Know no more the new thesis,
Indeed this plight I cannot treatise,
The art of magnificence in shadow
So far wretched and glees in meagre throw,
This I cannot spell, nor mine eyes write
Yet despair is come with and laughed right;
The art he dignifies slowly corrupts a soul,
And never, nor never, did he sheath his pole,
Lest he walks and never would laugh again,
So told the various men whose curse is gain.
So surpass God’s alternative, he ought to say,
And dare not the words he bought at bay,
How grateful is the mare the rides too fast,
So sooner he resigns in larks to distant past,
Nor woos his bark the wrinkles sharp too sad,
Nothing; nothing; tis mortal fool to deny so bad,
The nature he was; the past he was, all forgiv’n,
Not whether, so tether his heart to strings given,
To never deny, his life what once it was so grand,
Who could never relish this man he ought to brand.

And She

And She was,
And She fought,
And She walked,
And She slept,
And She dreamt,
And She woke,
And She ate,
And She left,
And She drove,
And She saw,
And She cried,
And She broke,
And She stopped,
And She wept,
And She called,
And She bled,
And She fled,
And She sought,
And She caught,
And She brought,
And She thought,
And She ought,
And She talked,
And She kept,
And She leapt,
And She felt,
And She feared,
But She dealt,
But She spoke,
But She lived,
And She knew,
Ere She saw,
Ere She went,
Ere She smiled,
And She rose,
And She is.

Here he was

And of fate’s chance to swim past,
Eluding him in the coldest storm to task,
Nor better wasted his only plank to rot
In final hours his laying to rest came close,
And all his dreams once he knew soon darkened
Ere the sun pause for hour more to mourn
The curse that whims overhead in darker shades in blue.
All the mornings and evenings were equal,
All the nights became his eyes to feel,
Hence resigned was he from birth and then to pass,
Though he’d continue to listen and hear advice, Read More

Stones through the Light

Walk away and never turn back the notes when I say their ink are but colours of unseen before mine eyes can eat the words with tearing face. Imagine his kneeling before the drum of the sun beating then all come mute when no sound can utter the ache that trembles. He had to become evil. He had to leave everyone. He suddenly never appeared to himself so good as to God forsake. He read a letter from himself when he slowly transformed into the darkness and wanton sought his id to bigger fright in meagre sounds he makes: weeping. It’s just that he can’t weep; he used up all his tears. Read More