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Don’t let it get to you, dear;
It is but only fear;
Let the past swim by you fair
These memories gone to taste,
Soon shall fade into the dark.

When you were brought hospital twice in a single month, did you not realise you were living once more for death again? Now I see the surgical bed upon which you lose all willingness to move, all virus comprehended invades ye slow, but still you live. Though you keep hearts to touch, and the nurses do give you warmer company than you can give yourself.

Never let go of the hop you have,
Never trust the darkness you abide,
Never feel the art you give yourself,
Always trust the happiness you ought,
Never blacken all hope never sought,
Soon you shall see the light beneath,
The feet that walk the path is but new.

Thus your ordeal consisted of drugs and a fist. So high your mind excelled; so high his fist excelled. Yet for one and the other; no pain felt, no words ere more greater spoken as to pleasure you yonder felt, so bigger are the rouses that seek us all, now become charms these clouds dainty grown. Though no cyst in encumbrance here, no bite in lust is sombre gear, the chaste cast become fickle snow like droplets of rain beheld the sweetest glow.

So I sing praise and let you die,
Here you are, and here I always lie,
I’ve always been here, my only love;
I never left you. I never quitted.
My heart has always served in yours,
Though physically I am but charmed gone,
The love I have is but far from done.

So he rests his last hands upon himself, and falls away into the lake of forbidden pleasure before the rest of society calls him to hell for virtuous quest in vain attempt to gain; no sooner bleaches his soul in fake colours to declare society not to shun him in great despair. So bitter are the lemons that burn his eyes; ones which without can never season the many fish that roam the sea.

He walks and ere he goes,
I walk and before I go,
Shall you find yourself again,
Shall never I find myself here,
Though bitter are paths walked,
Though bitter is much I am,
So come back and we shall talk,
The talk we shall never have.

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