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She swore to life for virtuous gain,
Even to mean all her joy ought be slain,
As task she held standards unmatched,
So uses them now for new treks unscathed;
As a child she was once as any other,
Though hardships then had come to bother
A once childish spirit for play disrupt,
Nor sooner she resigned to Virtue abrupt,
Then once she saw another as child once known,
She at once talks of hard play at life be thrown,
Not that she got none in life, but merely sought
In love for one she herself a fish so caught,
Hither and thither she untangles ink from page,
Reading of philosophy and science from a cage,
Dreams of freedom and abundance in Eden place,
Yet could not resolve herself in this time of place,
She eats wholesome; she drinks by the whole,
And so she brands those who can’t be up her hole,
And so she condescends those who can’t live hers,
Thus, she is alone; and so all to her is at errs,
This is the life of righteousness she wants to lead,
But in all her glory, she has never learned to seed.

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