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Ere be man ere wrought is comber may,
Alas, indeed, is but fraught with greed desire,
Though twats in meagre thing can in bliss dire
Need sunder the flesh and blood and eyes fooled;
Is but a need for this couple to become cooled,
Oh, these lovers so cast aside by deception
Can soon become the greatest need for seduction,
She says “No, I cannot let you do this”, alas, alas;
But in all wildness, all reason escaped, morals last;
Now, and now, and now, she is but a weeping angel,
An angel she sought and thus her lost wings fell,
Weeping, deceit; but mirror held them both,
But alas, a mirror, a mirror cast love’s broth.
No suitor ere suited can this man ere be made,
Lest love in clothed silk and ooze be laid.
In the midst of danger came pleasure only,
If it were pain, it can be but fraud cunningly.
There these swingers are treating to vice,
It is but the nude lady in reflection mirror’s stood,
How gay are all who stood in wake of sight so lewd,
Now the vain pleasures are but pains to fuck,
And ere but snares be cast for dice in luck,
And but sought eyes in constipated looks decree:
Now no perfume nor cologne nor minted tooth
Shall free her soul from despair and pleasure,
It is indeed a lustrous life of weekends sure.
No quartet can sing in thrusts so deep as this
Without forbidding themselves to secrecy how bliss.

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