Home ยป But that’s how I feel when blue

Ere mine hour is a little so queer,
Give me a bit of white, some wine,
I’m a little chic, so I’m that freer
Then I’m a spaz for these eyes a line
Had widened so well. Now I’m a brink,
Silly dream I had, a lion on Saturn!
Who’s the breeze, if I attempt a wink!
Alright then, no dance for here and turn!
Bring a sax, I’m in the mood for a gist
Whom come might may ere lid flame get,
Sunk my tongue in a glass then pissed,
Now I’m so blue with no yellow forget.
Right, an owl hoots at twelve ne gay,
Nor mute is Gab bending for this pet,
He’s a gay chap, give slap for a way
Untoward the breeze to think I’m to let!
Oh! I’m a little too gay for some to be,
Hold me close whilst i recite this song,
It won’t be till I’m finished with you,
Then am I then sure this moon so long
Give me humes: chast my mood so blue!
When I’m so blue, all I do is laugh;
Ere my laugh is spent, I’m again blue!
So we’ll give a folk some breather ‘nough,
I’m too gay to say enough, now my hue
Is. A. Thing to be wigged in breath fought!
An angel sings a name then I’m so gay!
Blue on the moon, now I’m breathing fraught.