Home ยป In a belly: the cat; etc, (so be it)

I’m a pondering mouse walking,
Knowing the floor like mine ears,
How cold and smooth the wooden plaques!
Till noon is come, an hour of cheese nears!
Thankfully my children are darting,

The disco of the world I dance,
The breeze of the run forward,
I am the fur that keeps warm,
The eyes that cast me yond afar,
A fright I have as it is norm
Remains but beauty seen aftward;
All the moves that give me trance.

Here and there, this cat befriend,
Who knew better than fatigued brought,
Who would see that crumbs is my feast,
Alas is the sight this cat I fought,
If fate shall have it I am Godsend.

(So humans utter His name, whomever be)
The art of which I still pity my small
Unfettered ways. Yet I dream so free,
Yet I could not help but wonder all:
Is this truly the life I am to see?
How about, a trip down belly yea fall?

Though cat permit me this entrance new,
Against all instincts I possess now gone,
I am surely within the reaches inside,
The charring flesh of mine still weeps,
My rhyme sorely falters beneath your skin,
Till noon I am is but evening I come,
Now cherish mine eyes sunk in your dew,
I give thee a day’s worth of life
So that you may enjoy my joyous pain,
Till reached of such state you go,
And the road surely does make you go,
Oh yes; the road is long and you depart,
I hear the vibrations; the trembling paws,
So soon you are found. I am right here.
So soon you purr and meow. I hear it now.

Till at last I see myself of all remained,
But don’t fret; for all you do is now,
For all you are is what you eat,
You are now the mouse that dances,
Beloved is thee that my ghost entrusts,
Nor fret and keeps you moving till morn,
So sound a bell nor in fright you care,
Whence all is done and all you sleep and dream,
Ere remember the sun’s coming is new at morrow.

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