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He wanted to be discreet, so she agreed. That was the time when she could see only at a glance what his picture would be. Just for a couple of seconds. Like the waves that submerge into the sea, leaving only the ripples that echo each fainting wave as the shores invite them here. Now, it seemed the time to invite this wave onto her shores. Not even butterflies could flutter wings. Having spent well over a month or two texting each other and getting to know one another, it seemed right that one of us made that leap. He did just that, and the meeting would take place at the airport. Not even a minute, before purchasing just the plane tickets would he then ask finally if she still wanted to date.

He booked them.

Well, it has already been a few weeks; conversations fluttered here and there. Sometimes days would fall silent, and then a whole week filled with chatter. It seemed off at first, but he kept his word and the trip continued. She was there already, at the airport, waiting. The sound of crowds, of planes, and the rolling of luggage hurrying through the floor. It seemed nothing. Almost like passing sounds. Her eyes were fixed on the board, and as soon she saw that familiar plane announced its landing, so too did her heart also give land to blood coursing through her this very hour.

Children would run through the halls in excitement, not paying attention to the many more planes landing outside. Whilst parents would have endless bickering as to where to find a taxi. Not one would stop. It seemed like an endless school of fish swimming by her. Motionless was she, in all thoughts erased, no conscience even speak what feelings she might have now. Did it matter then, if it were all but a sham. Some sort of fake delight, adorned with words of comfort. Even whilst scrolling up at previous conversations from former days. It seemed like it all happened on a different world. So much so, that as soon she saw his online status updated this very moment, it all seemed in sync.

By this time she sat down by the window, just in front of her an entire fleet was adorning the view. Minutes would pass like seconds; almost as though she were swept. It took a slow case rolling through the aisle, and a slow pace of steps to reveal one anew.

“I’m here.” She paused. “You’re… Matthew?”

She was sat beside him for a good quatre-hour. They seemed like silent nightingales, fidgeting about but not knowing how to chirp. It seemed like an hour. “I didn’t realise you were this discreet.” He would pick at the tips of his fingers, one could hear the sounds easily in a now subtly silent salon. “No one is supposed to know that I’m here.” A pause crafted between them seemed like nothing can break now. “It’s because I thought you would be different. I don’t know how to explain.” It was probably just jet lag, she added. Now she didn’t know what else can be done now. Noticing his gaze, whilst she looked onward, noticing the reflection of the board, her heart raced for more.

“Do you still want to date?”