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Weeping could be heard through even echoes,
Silent as they are, but like laying leaves
Stray trampled on soiled road to spoil.
So breathed in hearse the hourly bells,
Then could not fathom the silence was,
If Armide would cast a spell, this be curse;
Whom would know then, realising thus -
A young one would then shake and freeze:
Nor do I have the heart to continue here,
Nor was the love the one I wanted near,
But he told me the night before he'd forgive,
Yet I have but no heart ought to give,
That with whitish bloom my flowers spoiled,
And bitter tears my silver casts to foil,
Then when I am silverless my feet are spared,
Even the faintest light is more I fared,
Standing at the aisle, friends and family await;
How handsome his smile, if only so late,
But no; I cannot do this. I do not want him,
My heart bleeds; my thoughts on a whim
Have hastened me from here for taxi gone,
Nor would a bestie tell him I am done,
Hearsay holds even she was tearing apart,
But what of me? All we have said to dart,
And all that I have done to kiss the part,
I shall not tempt growth in you as hart,
So sad I heard you shout each tearing yell
Now echoing through each leaf you fell.
But my dear, I make clear incident,
Of all that is be accident,
Now name your price,
So never throw the dice.
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