Home ยป Glory to the Sun
Name that single star yond from here, 
Whom we call the Sun to fear; 
The giver of life and light from there, 
If be closer it be ought much to bear, 
Where death may call if yet so near, 
Yet life ignites for us to cheer! 
Such life we know for grant we take, 
By the few lest sight seen forsake, 
To have looked Sun once in the eye, 
Away looked but be stood not why, 
They gave means for God and Reason, 
Then declared other means treason, 
But accept could not what Sun is; 
For enough were tales in bliss, 
Forgot their world, Earth, we call, 
These folk, want-bes of dead god Sol, 
Even light extract from gherkin better 
Seize the day their gherkins litter! 
Like cars they drive from here afar, 
Their metal rust till no door is ajar, 
Their blowing clouds since made legal, 
Never have made them more regal, 
For such cars brought by will to fame
Can only lead to ill of gain. 
So be it, then; the flames invite, 
To this day rescue whose would bite, 
Let them go, whilst here we remain, 
On the thought, a spit we shall stain!