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I am a single raindrop from the sky,
Hear me now, for I am called the sky.
I bring with me my companions to cry,
So that all the world can hear us cry.
I step into your world, not knowing where,
So that when footsteps near, I know where;
When all the birds fly above looking below,
I can see the light just from high raying below;
I am the sea that calms the wind,
I am the ocean that soothes the wind,
It is not my duty to call the Sun,
For I alone am distant from Sun,
I am the chest of right misfortune,
But that makes not my life misfortune,
I am none other than rain absorbed,
My life, not in vain, is vast absorbed;
The soothing Sun sings to my abode,
"Come back to the sky, here abode!"
Thus we return to the placeless form,
Till one arrives in light's shameless form.
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