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Told was he it was a little too early to tell,
Each day would grow to one a month,
Then another to much his swelling time,
"Stay until we say it's time to go", they say;
He'll leave and come back again,
Each day of work so ardent and true,
But then he spots a dragonfly on the way,
He sees it flying round, the buzzing heard,
Well, it was a beautiful buzz, like weed;
Well, it's not exactly weed, but still a buzz.
"Why do I persist in work but survive?"
So passion flies as easy and free as wings,
Breathe yet but more the air than passion sings,
I give my life for one I had no life in me to begin,
Then I ought to say that this I am fraught to win,
But, in truth, the prize was never mine. 
For I alone was only fighting for second place,
Then I chose the next job whereof I sign,
But still, I yearn for something I ought to face;
So bequeath me a challenge I struggle overcome,
That I may see my life as it ought to be true,
When the dragonfly sees a rock, fly over;
With me I drill through. No, you go first.
That was how it was until we saw the fly,
Now I am two of my sires as one whole I am,
This is the story I ought to read aloud,
Except they're wondering, except I once was.
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