Home ยป Towards Home
I was travelling through the stars, then I noticed a bright shimmer.
I saw the shimmer, and I set forth towards it. Not knowing where.
No other star would guide me to them, only that one shimmer.
Through unknown planets. One of coloured rock. One of ice.
I saw the submerging matter in others. What a sight! I would fall.
Then the red planet. What a sight! Then, I saw a planet blue.
No! Not just, but of green, sandy yellow, whitest snow. Grey.
I don't know what lies there, but I figure I should fade and land.
On the Eastern parts, so now my vessel is forefeit to the fold.
I walk, this air yea pure; now the sun I see is but just a lamp;
Who could live here? And where are the people? I am alone.
I saw passer-bys; their dress so queer, their figures so strange.
I shall conjure one for myself. Blend with them. Seek solace.

The walking, and the daring fright. No one knows me, none care.
I am not from the East, nor am I from the West, South, the North;
I am not from map's hence, nor am I of the land and nor the sea.
The books I read now do not become me, nor does the music.
What is this? The language I learnt so well, but still not kempt.
The streets so barren. The above so clear. Yet no stars seen;
Yeh, no stars are seen. But who's looking? Where are they?
Now I see the first reflection of myself. What a sight!
I see my faux hands; my faux face; my faux religion.
Who is this god? What is this? Can I see him, I ask?
They accuse me of mockery, and say I have no sight nor morals;
Then they say I have no religion, no God; and this I understood.
I then wonder who I am, and why I'm here. Why I'm the one apart.
I feel as a human, but I have come to realise I'm a monster.

The Sun continues to shine whilst my heart's in despair, 
But I only came to understand, not to torment myself.
I shall keep walking. I seek not those idolising themselves;
No, I seek the peace. I seek the connexion. I seek the light.
So whenever I'm feeling lost, I seek the light that dispels dark.
Not the Sun. Light. Light is the greatest magic that we have;
It comes from nowhere; from energy; and reverberates.
Light never goes out. It shall always diminish, and diminish;
Never zero. Never null. But always there, even through years.
So when I walk, I am walking in the steps of light unfolding.
That is my creed. But this place? My existence is here and nigh.
For I am home, and I am sung of light towards the light now high.