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The height of it all strong,
Like the nets grabs of fish,
These were no fish but water,
Each plankton scorned at sun,
Now each string of net plucked,
Each note grew loud, reeled in;
I sung the notes they sung behind,
Then they dragged me down,
At the ocean bed, departed here;
Relish my living name. Along, Above.
I was scared of my shell, I saw it new.
These are the words God bestowed.
They were yours, but now they're God's.
We walk through the shores like nothing,
To tell the stories like they were legend,
When two climbed Everest, frozen in love,
Each drop of icy tears became my wine,
When each glass dropped, so too did rain;
And when each wood stained and soaked,
I cracked the floor with flurry of anger,
And when I crouched, I saw light again,
When I looked beyoned the light,
I could only see within. The fall was harsh,
But no dates nor figs could satisfy;
The freedom was there, but I soiled it.
These are the times, they were my days.